How to enable USB OTG on any Android phone.

STEP 1. Open a root browser e.g RomtoolBox, SolidExplorer.

STEP 2. Navigate to /etc.

STEP 3. Now open file named Vold.fstab as a Text File.

STEP 4. At the end of the file Paste This Code :

# usb otg disk
dev_mount usbotg /mnt/usbotg auto /devices/platform/mt_usb /devices/platform/musbfsh_hdrc

STEP 5. Now save the file and restart your phone/tablet . And test it by connecting an OTG cable.

There you go. You have successfully enabled OTG on your device. : )

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sa_protocol = (“https:”==document.location.protocol)?”https”:”http”;
sa_pline = “0”;
sa_maxads = “2”;
sa_bgcolor = “FFFFFF”;
sa_bordercolor = “BDD631”;
sa_superbordercolor = “BDD631”;
sa_linkcolor = “001EB5”;
sa_desccolor = “000000”;
sa_urlcolor = “788300”;
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How to fix a computer that beeps and does not boot

If a computer beeps when powering on that definitely means the RAM is not connected correctly.

To fix this issue please follow these steps.

STEP 1. Power off and disconnect all the wires that are connected to the computer.

STEP 2. Now open the cover of the computer.

STEP 3. Now you will see the RAMs like in the picture below.

STEP 4. Now change/shuffle the RAMs location e.g Ram1 to Slot 4 and Ram 2 to Slot1.

STEP 5. Close your computer’s cover and plug all the cables back.

STEP 6. Now power on your computer and it should boot normally.

Thank you